CN Tower, skyline and Museums are the top tourist’s spots for anyone visiting Canada. This time, plan your trip to Ontario, book the best limo service in Ontario and enjoy the journey to scarce places of the town. Now, this is just the beginning of some mind-blowing surprises. You can enjoy the complete tour by taking up the challenge of visiting less famous places in Ontario.

Ontario is a beauty that you can never take your eyes off it. Every corner, the cities from Toronto to the Kingston and Island are mesmerizing. You can spend a whole weekend in this province and you will still feel thirsty for celebrations. So, are you ready for the roller coaster ride through the stunning tunnel full of beauty and amazement?

Must Visit Places in Ontario

Must Visit Places in Ontario

When we talk about Canada, the one thing that crosses our minds is the history museums and road trips. The country is famous for other things but the core of any celebration around the country is always relevant to history or travel. You can be from the neighbor city rather than a complete foreigner but the places listed below are worth visiting for everyone.

The Diefenbunker

The museum located in the city of Ottawa. It is a cold war museum, a building that was built by the Canadian government for defense in the late ’50s. The place is named after the Prime Minister of the era “John Diefenbaker – and then it was converted into a Museum in 1998. It is now open for public and also been used as a movie theatre.

Midlothian Castle

It is easy to perceive that teachers cannot have a life other than preaching and yelling at their students. You will be surprised to know that, this teacher Peter Camani had a side hobby. He built a massive but terrifying castle. The ground of the castle is displaying fire-breathing dragons, gaping mouths, and tree-shaped sculptures. You can wander in the grounds but you might need permission to enter the house. However, if you’re an artist, you will love the idea as well as the scary silence of the place.

Screaming Tunnel

The screaming tunnel is famous for the girl who was burned alive. Say it a myth or fantasy, but people still think that screams are heard in the tunnel. Another story about the tunnel refers to the blue ghost – most likely that ghost is seen dancing around this tunnel. You will hear many different stories regarding this historical tunnel. If you’re a writer, feel free to explore, you might get a next thriller or horror story idea for your book.

The Little House

The smallest house located in Toronto is the sweetest thing to visit in Ontario. Arthur Weeden is the well-known constructor of this house. Hi lived in this house for 20 years. The house is renovated by new owners back in 2007. It has got a lot of media attention and no doubt, it is a lovely place to visit.

Grande Hermine

Are you fond of pirate stories? Most readers fantasize about the ship of the pirate. This ship in Lincoln, Ontario is presenting your fantasy in reality. It looks like a forgotten ship that is rusted by now. Some stories say that it was built by a business owner as a floating restaurant idea. However, you will find a proper guideline about this ship. There can be many different stories. You should enjoy some Instagram worthy photos to flaunt about your amazing vacations.

Comfort Maple

It is the oldest Maple in Canada growing since around 1500. The approximate age of this tree is told as 541 but this is just a possibility. The land was owned by a comforting family until they donate it to the Niagara conservation organization in 1961. You can plan your picnic or wedding photoshoot is also a great idea around this tree. Do not forget to share your experience with the world.

Ontario is also famous for the vineyards. Yes, you will get a variety of wines to taste. I am guessing that you are already enjoying your trip, happy exploration.

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