It is Ηalloween!

What is Halloween without its jack o lanterns and carved pumpkins laid out on the porch? Put candles inside those carved pumpkins to illuminate a spooky look scaring little ones off to their mommies.

Sounds exciting….and mischievous?

This Halloween brings you the latest of Toronto with the best way to move around to the spectacular events that are hard to miss. Being an adult you have the edge to ride spectacular in our very own exclusive limos! Airport limo in Toronto is the best for Halloween this year, as we move all around the town from one peculiar horror haunt to another Halloween themed party.

What is there to Stop You?

Technically your fear is the only thing stopping you from hitting the runway show with your friends to one of the most amazing nights of your life. In Toronto Halloween festivities re curated with best events to look for.

Airport limo in Toronto will serve you for the Night, Madame!

Airport limo in Toronto will serve you for the Night

A night to remember by…

This season Toronto has keyed up to its treasure box and has set up extreme well-crafted plans for the night to come. Hair raising haunted time is just about to begin in 5…4…3…2…1;

Legends of Horror

Start your Halloween with a classic case of horror mania with an hour walk to the lower gardens of Casa Loma where one wrong step can make you a caged prisoner for the ghosts to feast on you! Scary, right? It’s a classical fun trail you can walk and discover the hidden spaces while your heart thumps up like crazy.

Halloween Hunt

Pack up your gear and get on a ride with Airport Limo in Toronto for a thrilling hunt. We make sure that you get through all the scary zones and reach your scheduled fun time just right on time. Canada’s Wonderland is all about letting you be the hunter, making way through the horrifying mazes. Let not the maze spook you at all. We are sure that you can make it to the next stop for the night with ease…

Pumpkin Art Exhibit

Not everything has to be scary at Halloween, some events scheduled are artistic in more ways than one can easily enjoy. Hitch on with airport limo in Toronto to the Pumpkin, after Dark where the jack o lanterns come alive in every shape and size! It’s an outlandish way to celebrate Halloween right after the sunsets. And one of the best parts of getting to visit is;

  • Wheelchairs are accessible
  • And service dogs are allowed too!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Concert

Who wouldn’t want to relive the Harry Potter moments at Halloween? This sixth installment of the most popular saga is the perfect time to relive your childhood obsession with the potions and some nonsense gibberish spells. Get on to our exclusive limo sedan or even a bus limo to sustain as many family members or friends at the same time, you don’t want to miss the classic night. One thing to remember by is

  • Take your wand with you
  • It’s time to get excited about the symphony orchestra!

Toronto After Dark Film Festival is a triple Treat

Who’s ready for some of the best horror movie night? Catch up to all cult, sci-fi and horror movies at the thrilling festival in Toronto. If you are planning to visit it then let us know and our limo will pick you up from your doorstep.

Every old and recent movie is installed up for the night. It’s a horror flick to remember and scream for, after all its Halloween.

The Nightmare Heritage Railway

Can you spend a night at a spooky and mysterious train? It’s a two-hour ride on the haunted train, come in costume if you can dare to. Or you can simply dance and party on this ride too.

Music is as thrilling as the night. Be ready to encounter telltales of the haunted stories and sudden ghost appearances and shhh……we don’t want to spoil the fun for you now do we?

Fifty Shades of Halloween

That’s not just it. So you have to visit every of the event for a blasting night. But to make it possible airport service in Toronto is just perfect.  Yes, we are!

Get a treat or be tricked with us!

This night comes once a year, so you’d a better buckle up to be tricked!