“Some Wars are Never Forgotten”

If wars can be started, they can be stopped as well. The world has seen the war’s mess, mass bloody corpses lying cold in the dead of night after the war ends.

Family’s cries for their loved ones never reach the dead ears. From war, we learn how to move on. Remembering the fallen is what Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) is all about.

It’s November 11

In Canada, the official ceremonies for Remembrance Day are held in Ottawa, Ontario, the national war museum with proper preparation. Poppies are adorned in the remembrance of many men and women who served the nation. GTA airport limo provides its services with great honor for this very special occasion.

Initially labeled as Armistice Day, it was originated at the end of the WWI on November 11, 1918

Remember the Sacrifices

We always will remember the sacrifices made when Canadians participated as the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) of the British army. In honors of the martyred veterans, parades and sermons are held at different vicinities of Canada.

1. Yonge Street

It’s one of the busiest downtown streets. To be the participant of the tribute we offer our limo services on this occasion.

Just a few blocks from Cenotaph ceremony, the bagpipers are also arranged. It is followed up by The Last Post, bagpipers playing at the six intersections. To accommodate the watcher, digital screens are held. Residents and tourists alike are invited to take a moment of silence to reflect on the sacrifices made for the county.

2. Queen’s Own Rifles Day

Acting is not only for the movies; sometimes a play can recall certain historical events as well. On this Remembrance Day, Casa Loma will host the Queen’s Own Rifle Day. The re-enactors dress up with the uniform and props and showcase the QOR Museum. You can see the items displayed proudly including vehicles as well.

These military and historical vehicles show the past preserved with military base equipment.

3. Spadina Museum

You can easily book a ride with GTA Airport Limo to visit the museum transformed for a tribute on Remembrance Day.

Offering a glimpse of the early 1900s, the interior collaborates with modern times. Riding here on a sunny day is what you need to learn about the history of the Austin family. The family’s contribution, financial and otherwise, helped tremendously in the development of Toronto.

A lot of visitors come by to seek the opportunity to pay a visit to history. You can get a tour of the house and the gardens, exhibits and special events.

4. Poppy Project

Take a page of history with you and move on to the next destination for the day. you can also help to create a poppy memorial for the loved one who lost their family men in the war.

Visitors can custom-made the poppy craft to be displayed at the museum. WWI left its mark in history and will always be remembered. Even being an explorer you can pack up all the things you need to make the poppy memorial and put it with ease on any of the limos you can pre-book,

5. Remembrance Tea

A special tea is hosted by Montgomery’s Inn with the guitar and bagpipes playing in the background. Quite a moment of the day can be spent here. The refreshments, drinks, and meals, are the best recipes from the World War I era.

You can enjoy the pot of tea as much as you like. Similarly, Remembrance Day cookie is baked by the volunteers, to collect donations and put up for the charity. You can have turned in some green after enjoying tea, cant you?

6. In Flanders Fields

If you think poetry can put on an influence, then our transfer services will happily entail you to have the opportunity to participate in the poet and the readers. Popularly it is known as “the most Canadian Poem” written during World War I by a Canadian physician. He wrote a poem on a friend’s funeral. Some of the real heart touching notes are read by the readers in the memory.

 No Quarrels on the Day

It may not sound the usual exploring but special occasions call for a special ride and GTA Airport Limo has served with its true heart for every single ride regardless any day.


Let’s recall a short stanza from the poem, something to remember by;
In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.