Rise and shine everyone!

It’s a beautiful morning with snow-laden roads, covers every inch of tree. But wait! How are you supposed to go buy some milk now?

Wait! Isn’t your friend’s birthday today? Any plan for the evening?

But your roadside is blocked and shovelling the pavement is not what you want to do this morning? We’ve got a perfect solution for you in the shape of GTA Airport Limo!

What makes GTA Airport Limo Perfect for Christmas?

What makes GTA Airport Limo Perfect for Christmas

It’s truly a blessing in disguise. Christmas is all about having close-knit family time. Dinners, reservations, trips, camping and whatnot, the list of activities planned for this time of the year goes on. We know how everyone has planned everything.

Tickets are done and so are we. Taking an exclusive ride on the limousine is the next big thing this Christmas for you. GTA has its fair share of events every year to celebrate not only Christmas but New Year’s Eve as well. To avoid getting all in different cars, and one gets stuck on the way, why not book a comfy warm ride with the sedan limo? Or a stretch limo even? Get your pick because we will take you to;

1. Christmas Theatre

Who doesn’t love a good ballet? Or a comical play of The Nutcracker’, this season National Ballet and Ross Petty Productions are playing their originals too and wait for the main part…..(drum roll) Robin Hood!

Exciting isn’t it?

You have plenty of plays to choose from.  Winter comes with its themes and to bring these joyful moments to the life you can take your family and cousins or friends all packed in a limousine to reach the theatre of time before the tickets run out.  A long list is waiting to be played at various dates so it’s better to hurry up now.

2. Luminous Walk

If you think the theatre was the best experience then think again we might have something left in the pocket fold. Scarborough is the night to take a walk in the luminous garden. A fantastical experience is just what you need this Christmas. Terra Lumina is popular for its reviving experiences for the visitors with a walk.

But it’s not a routine evening stroll, mind you, it’s an Avatar-kind-of-moment. Yes, it’s the zoo, but did you ever get to visit one at nightfall in December? We bet you didn’t! it’s a mystical creation by Moment Factory renowned for the similar specimen in their portfolio, including Singapore Zoo, Lumia in Japan etc. the displays infused with lights, paths glowing replicating a magical faery world glow is the most awesome experience to have.

3. Carols and Concerts

What’s the best part yet to come?

A Christmas carol and concerts in the Greater Toronto Area! And guess what? You can go and visit any of the concerts by booking 24/7 available airport limo in GTA without any delay. That’s indeed the exciting part of Christmas; you do not have to rearrange your plans because of the cold anymore when limo transfers are at the convenience of just a click away.

A traditional holiday experience made out bagpipes may sound foreign to your ears, but let us tell you, the zampogna – special bagpipes, held by the masterful fingers of Shepherds will bring out far stretched Italian heritage. The orchestra is equipped with zampogna, Caramella, traditional guitars, and mandolins. It’s a country-style concert that’s a must-watch!

Of course, this is not the end of the Christmas, but just to lay out curiosity in you, it’s better to get an idea about all the “what-ifs” you can have if you book the limousine ride right away.

Let’s sing-along

Christmas is the auspicious day we all wait for, for you to reach your loved ones even at the last hour, our limousines are available for you despite the Christmas mist in the air. After all its Merry Christmas!