Every man’s dream is to have a one-holiday trip that has the power to overdrive their senses into something more. Well, it’s not the adults who are looking to have a great time; kids should have fun too!

As Adorable as a Baby

It won’t be wrong to say, Toronto is the Los Angeles of Canada. Not only for adults but kids also get to have their exciting adventures that are hard to miss.

A central hub for diversity in arts and culture and let’s not forget the music, henceforth, there’s an attraction for every age group.

Kids are ever restless, parents these days have to look out for more creative ways to engage them in their daily chores. But where to take them is the main question to ponder.

It’s not possible, now is it, to take them to different locations? Wrong!

When in Toronto you do things the way Canadians do, by using our Airport Limo Services in Toronto, you have the ease to take your kids wherever you want.

“Let kids remain their age, after all, one they day will outgrow you


Let’s Hit Up to the 5 Best Destinations you can take your Kid to;

5 best destinations you can take your kid to

1. The Rec Room

Okay, let’s not spoil only the kids now, shall we? A rec room is a jack in the box for the adults too!

It’s rather easy to book the ride via GTA Airport Limo when planning to take your kids towards CN Tower. The best part is the occasional play space that is for everyone. Either you are a kid or an adult; it’s a happy place for all.

  • Talk about the pull roller coaster simulators has over kids
  • Or let your kid discover the shooter games (you can enjoy it as well)
  • And why not enjoy the game of foosball? You will love spending time with your young ones.

It’s a good day’s visit you’ve got to experience every so often.

2. Zoo Time!

Who doesn’t love to go to the zoo? Surely, Alex, the lion is there too right? It’s real summer fun. Discovering Canadian creatures is quite an exploring excursion you can easily indulge your kid in. From animal shelters to climbing rope courses, it’s an exploring haven for little Indiana Jones!

Let’s look at it from this perspective: Making kids learn about caring for animals can have a huge impact on them as well. Experiencing how to pet an animal can seem pretty scary at first, but kids love to do the dare anyway.

It’s great to visit it in summer though, as the weather is balmy and nice, you can easily enjoy the bright day ahead.

3. The Best Excavation Station Ever!

Now, this is the best deal in town! It’s an innovative and creative place for kids to upgrade their skills in Legos, but this time, it’s for real. Excavation center at Funworx is easy to reach, and you can hop onto the 2.5-hour trek!

This amusement center has been an eye candy for kids who love to destroy (oops) or to create something from the actual constructional site. For once let the reigns be in their hands. And don’t worry it’s a safe zone for all.

Parents, it’s time to relax and let the kids enjoy at;

  • Mini golf courses
  • Rope courses
  • Or even a three-level play structure
  • Hanging at the waterpark is cherry on the top of everything!

4. Did Anyone Say Scarborough Bluffs?

Why not hitch a ride from GTA Airport Limo and visit the amazingly exotic whopping waves of Lake Ontario?

Well, technically there are eleven parks you can easily explore within the same vicinity with hiking trails!  But the real deal for kids (and I might say for parents as well) is the favorite of all: THE “Bluffers Park”.

And why it shouldn’t be?

It’s a perfect blend of nature and nurture for one, and kids love to get the free space for running around, and mind you, don’t forget to take furry friends with you too!

Once known as High Lands, it has now become an exceptional ground for families to take a day off and spend good times in open fresh air.

5. Be Pirate for Once!

Assuming you all have seen Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and invested awe in the character of John Sparrow, you can have kids the fun to get a role play for a day i.e. being a pirate!

It will boggle your mind how much kids enjoy the role plays, where they get to hit the “bad pirate” and be the hero for the day. Kids are welcomed aboard to the Pirate Life.

The character dress ups and pirate tattoos are intriguingly enough to attract kids.

All of it has been made easier thanks to limo services introduced by GTA and has helped families travel and enjoy together whenever they want.


Planning a ride has never been so easier.

Let kids have FUN while Childhood lasts!